Pete Smyth

 Photography has always been a subconscious play time, a bit of my secret mind being shared with others … Its only over time and self reflection that I've understood what it is that I like and how that informs my images…. Basic human connection, relatable, normal real life is key, as is the humour and cherished moments that sometimes get missed…. Also I'm a sucker for enduring love, an elderly couple holding hands or dancing together just gets me every time.

Me and my wife Emma like to shoot our weddings from the inside out, we get in deep with the couple their family and friends and live the energy of the day… its very important for us to capture people as they really are in that moment in time, so when the images are viewed years from now you will see that person, their energy, their mannerisms all there, vivid and tangible. 

When not shooting weddings I love to shoot on film and really play either with a 35mm point and shoot or my old medium format Yashica TLR.. it has such density, clarity and physical presence. The process forces me to slow down and breath and appreciate that moment. 

Using film has definitely influenced both Emma and myself in how we shoot and share our work and we always encourage our couples to print and frame, because that’s the beauty in the art form.

As for life, well we've recently had our first baby, a boy we named Frank and his perfect energy and fascination with life is the most potent medicine for us to get out and live every day, appreciate time spent, indulge in the small moments for they will fly by very quickly.

Something I'm really keen to do in future is work within our local community to raise awareness of projects and events. A recent one I've started volunteering with is The Real Junk Food Project, they salvage discarded food from markets, shops and restaurants and create delicious meals for the homeless of Birmingham.


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