James & Jo-Anne Melia


We are James & Jo Melia and we both take pictures! It’s not often we don’t find something in a day to photograph, sometimes differently, but always with similar hearts and minds.

James has a thing about people, faces and connections. He takes the most beautiful honest portraits by being his charming and totally lovable self. When he’s not doing that he’s usually running/cycling up some hill near you with Chief our Chocolate Lab or choosing the soundtrack for our everyday life and filling our little cottage in the Yorkshire Pennines with belly hurting laughter and the occasional gin.

Jo always carries her heart on her sleeve, in her mouth or… usually joined with tears leaking from her eyes at most moments. She is full of all sorts of love for everything and notices the things you didn’t even know yourself. She captures everything she feels and see’s and makes it all look so extraordinary. She takes care of us, that’s James, Chief (Chocolate dog) and our two little never ending moving boys. You can either catch her doing some late night baking because she’s run out of biscuits or finding something she can write her calligraphy skills on!

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