Toy invasion { by Emilie White }

The whole aim of the project is to see "beauty" in your everyday life (if that doesnt sound too cheesy). Its about learning to stop for a few minutes, and look, enjoy, take in, breathe. 

The words "learn to see the extraordinary in everyday ordinary" have been a moto for me and through my work. I think it became even more important when I lost numbers of close ones in quite tragic circumstances in the last 3 years. 

Becoming a mum 3 years ago (with the joys but also responsibilities it brings) and seeing close relatives and friends leaving us, woke up a few fears in me. It was not the first time I had lost someone. My dad died quite abruptly when I was 15 years old and that has always been with me, and reminding me of important it is to enjoy life and make it count. However, it was the first time I had anxieties about sickness, about death, about ageing, about being able to help my baby girl should anything happen. Imagining the worse all the time...I realise it sounds dark, but I had never experienced this, not this strong and constant...

I wanted to find ways to deal with these fears, and through some research, I came to Mindfulness, which really spoke to me. I took a course and have been doing my best (a lesson from mindfulness, be kind to yourself) to make it part of my life but also our life, my man and my daughter's.

I admit, I am not very good at long meditations, your minds does wonder constantly and I think it takes time to "teach" your brain to not wonder so much. I therefore do this mediation in shorter spells, but also through photography. I want to "notice" things. The good ones, but also in the moments of stress and fears or anger.  

Stop. breathe. Center. Notice.

Like everyone, my daily life is not always exciting. At the moment, I am 8 months pregnant, feel like a fat cow, walk like a penguin, trying to slow down with work but trying to keep it going (so that people dont forget about me too quickly when I am on maternity leave), take care of Zoé, while also spending quality time with her, and with my man.

Needless to say, some days I fail: I am tired, I am irritable, I have no patience, Zoé drives me totally mad and I dont get anywhere! Like the other day, all the toys (little ones, big ones, tiny ones: ALL of them!) were on every floor of the house: I lost it! It doesn't really matter yes, I shouldn't let things like that get to me, yes yes I know, but it did.

And then, I thought....Stop. breathe. Center. Notice.

I picked up my iPhone, and start taking pictures. Noticed these toys, the mess. Look at it mindfully. 


Because one day, I most likely will miss not having that mess around.