Stages of behaviour

As Jesse grows ever closer to that stage so aptly titled the ‘terrible twos’, I find myself growing ever more impatient. Why will he only drink water from the grown up glass that I have, as opposed to his perfectly good sip cup that he was drinking out of only 10 seconds ago!? Why does he feel the need to scream and stare me out when he isn’t allowed yet another babybel? The list goes on…

I picked up Toddler Taming from the Amazon Kindle store and I’ve read it through twice now. Once a few months ago, and once just a couple of days ago; as a refresh. I was reminded that all these tiny people want from us is our love and attention and a lacking of that can lead to bad behaviours. As well as the normal testing of their age group, of course!

I’ve been a little in my head recently and I’m just now coming out the other side. A sharp kick up the bum from this book was all I needed and I headed out into the wilderness of Scotland with my boy for some quality time.

I love him so, and Jesse, I apologise when I’m not always there for you in the moment. I’m working on it.