Emma Case


I think my photography is simply an honest extension of me.  It shows what I hold dear.. It shows how I see the world.. My opinions, my hopes, my wants.  I guess it shows the world what I feel is important.  For my personal work I tend to gravitate towards using film as it's a completely wonderful and different discipline.  It's slow and considered. It's precious yet unpredictable.  I feel that film teaches me to slow down.. to appreciate.. to notice.. to take my time.  I love that I have to earn my relationship with each camera and that the more you put in the more you get back.  I love that the flaws are exciting surprises and the 'perfect photograph' is everything and in-between.


I'm a photographer along with my husband Pete.  We've got married, travelled the world, built a home together.. sometimes that's included physical walls and a roof.. but mainly it's just us, our kid Frank and our cat Maximo. We're not too sure when or where, or if we even consciously made the decision but we have both decided to live as much as possible.  And when we say 'live', that doesn't necessarily mean the the crazy stuff.. we just want to make sure that we're making the most of life.. living in the moment, appreciating each other, loving hard on the people around us, appreciating the memories we're making.. being happy.


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