Emilie White


I am a french girl, in love with an australian boy, a mum to a little girl called Zoé. I truly enjoy a good laugh, stupid humour and the little pleasures of life (you know, like the smell of coffee in the morning or the sound of the fresh snow cracking under your feet). 

I am passionate about people and connections.  I am inspired by raw moments. 

I lost my father abruptly at the age of 15 and in the last few years had to say goodbye to loved ones and dear friends. It all came crashing on me: I got very anxious about death, becoming sick, of my family becoming sick. I couldn't let things go this way, it was eating me and my family up. Thats when I came across mindfulness. I didn't want to sit with a therapist and talk about all the thoughts I was having. I wanted to find a way to learn to deal with them when it happened. Before reading about mindfulness, there was no fucking way I could do meditation! But mindfulness rang a bell. I went on an 8 weeks course and it truly transformed me. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't cured me but it gave me tools to work with. Since, I try to apply mindfulness to my daily life and set an example to my kids as I believe they will be living in an even crazier, faster society then us. 

I initiated SEE THE ORDINARY project not long after the end of my course. I wanted to bring focus on what is important in life. My camera is a tool that helps me practice being in the "now". It helps me pause and observe.

For me, its about remembering to enjoy the little things, the little moments (good or bad), the simple pleasures. I want to challenge my eye, those of others and learn to "see" what truly matters in my everyday life.



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