Chris Barber


I like shooting because it’s not difficult + i’m quite lazy. First + foremost… I like doing life + I guess I use photography as a way to express myself + document the stuff that happens. For the most part - I take photos of stuff I find fucking funny or totally tragic (as with my character traits - there’s little inbetween). I don’t care about anything when I shoot for myself - I just feel free to be me so visually it's usually pretty raw, accessible + without any regards to technical skill or artistic merit. That said... these photos mean more to me than anything else I’ve ever created. I regard my personal photography as a very genuine + honest reflection of who I am or how i’m feeling so it’s unsurprisingly difficult to share at times but i’ve learned a lot of ’stuff' by being open about my experiences + learning to accept who I am by not being ashamed to share it. So y’know… that’s that.

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