A lot of attention is focused on documenting "highlights" moments of our lives or capturing part of our daylife in perfect aesthetic.  But what about the everyday, ordinary moments, the totally unattractive places that make up our daily life and routine.

This photography project aims to bring focus on lifestyle and family photography by capturing the ordinary of daily life, the repeated mundane things of our routine - that we will remember less than we think overtime -  that form part of our life, whether frustrating, silly or happy. It's about learning to notice simple moments or elements even when we travel to the most extraordinary places.

The aim is to learn to see extraordinary in everyday ordinary. From light shining through our windows, to the beauty that may exist in chaos, to the laughs (and cries) of our kids at 4am. Its the little things need to be acknowledged. Those are what will make us truly happy*.

The project was initiated by Emilie White who invited photographers to participate to "See the Ordinary". Each month, they will share their vision of an ordinary simple pleasure of their daily life. 



* if you have doubts, go read this study by Harvard Business School. "Like a wine that gets better over time, events that had seemed ordinary in the present grew more extraordinary to the people as time passed."